The triple crown
of Excellence


Dadbin Diamonds are a second generation family business of diamond and precious stone manufacturers with a deep understanding of the inherent qualities required to manufacture stones where excellence and perfection converge. There are two features that help determine a stone's quality. One, is the raw material. At Dadbin we pride ourselves on our excellent resources enabling us to have first-hand access, early on, to the best possible sources of diamonds and precious stones. Two, and equally important, are the craftsmen. Here, it is their well-honed skills, carefully supervised at every stage of the cutting and polishing process, which bring out the finest that man and nature have to offer.


Dadbin Diamonds are manufacturers of diamonds and precious stones. We sit atop the pyramid a stone travels -- from its raw form until it reaches the hands of the individual who will wear it. Our stones are 100% natural. While much of the manufacturing process is now based in Asia and the Far East, we prefer to monitor each and every stage of the stone's transformation from rough, raw material into a scintillating diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire or other precious gem of exquisite brilliance. Dadbin Diamonds are licensed members of the Diamond Federation and members of Israel's Diamond Exchange


Why are we perfectionists? It is not easy to be one, particularly if much of what you are creating is invisible to the eye. But, when you are a perfectionist, then it is the process of transforming those microscopic, naked to the eye imperfections which are painstakingly brought to perfection that make it worth the effort. At the end of this lengthy, demanding process, you are left with a gem of inestimable beauty. A diamond of exquisite taste. A precious stone of breathtaking illumination.

Triple Perfection

‘Triple excellent ‘ is the highest possible seal of approval within the international diamond community. It is the ultimate in cut perfection and brilliance. It is also an exceedingly rare combination.

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Israel Diamond Exchange
Maccabi Bldg., 1 Jabotinsky Rd. Suite 533
Ramat Gan, Israel

Dadbin Diamonds main offices are located in Israel's Diamond Exchange. We have representatives in New York. Our customers can be found on the five continents throughout the world. They appreciate Dadbin Diamonds quality and craftsmanship as well as our competitive prices.

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